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How to make your artwork print ready

Ensuring your artwork file is correctly prepared for printing will result in beautifully detailed, colour accurate and impactful prints, every time. If you don’t follow the steps below, your prints could suffer from pixelation and colour saturation

Settings to ensure your artwork is print ready

  1. Resolution – 300 pixels per inch
  2. Dimentions – match the desired print size and ratio
  3. Bits/channel – 8
  4. Colour space – RGB
  5. Colourful profile – Adobe RGB (1998) or our ICC profiles
  6. File type – save a high resolution JPG

Below are walkthroughs on how to acheive each of these settings using Photoshop

1. Resolution – 300 pixels per inch

First, go to ‘Image’ in the top menu, then click ‘Image Size’

Then type 300 into the ‘Resolution’ box and ensure ‘Pixels/Inch’ is selected in the dropdown

2. Dimentions

See what print size you can acheive. Match the dimensions of your digital image file with your desired print size

Print sizeDigital artwork dimentions
Digital artwork dimentions
(window mount)
8.3×11.7″ (A4)2495x3515px (300dpi)2480x3530px (300dpi)
12×12″ (30x30cm)3605x3605px (300dpi)2780x2780px (300dpi)
11×14″ (28×35.5cm)3305x4205px (300dpi)2180x3080px (300dpi)
12×16″ (30x40cm)3605x4805px (300dpi)2480x3680px (300dpi)
11.7×16.5″ (A3)3515x4955px (300dpi)2720x3840px (300dpi)
16×20″ (40x50cm)4805x6005px (300dpi)3680x4880px (300dpi)
16.5×23.4″ (A2)4955x7025px (300dpi)3830x5890px (300dpi)
20×20″ (50x50cm)6005x6005px (300dpi)4880x4880px (300dpi)
18×24″ (45x60cm)5405x7205px (300dpi)4280x6080px (300dpi)
20×28″ (50x70cm)6005x8405px (300dpi)4880x7280px (300dpi)
24×32″ (60x80cm)7205x9605px (300dpi)6080x8480px (300dpi)
23.4×33.1″ (A1)7025x9935px (300dpi)5890x8815px (300dpi)
28×28″ (70x70cm)8405x8405px (300dpi)7280x7280px (300dpi)
24×36″ (60x90cm)7205x10805px (300dpi)6080x9680px (300dpi)
28×40″ (70x100cm)8405x12005px (300dpi)7280x10880px (300dpi)

Like you did in step 1, go to ‘Image’ in the top menu and then click ‘Image Size’. From there, use the ‘hight’ or ‘width’ inputs to set the dimentions

Never increase the dimensions of your digital artwork file larger than the original size of the digital photograph or scan, as this will lead to terrible quality loss. For example, say the dimensions of your artwork file is 4955x7025px at 300dpi (which is the correct dimensions for A2 printing), but you wanted to print at A1… you shouldn’t! As your print will turn out looking horrible and pixelated. However, you can reduce the size, meaning you could sell the artwork at A2, A3 and A4

3. Bits/channel – 8

Head to ‘Image’ in the top menu, then click ‘Mode’, followed by ‘8 Bit/Channel’

4. Colour space – RGB

Like in the previous step, navigate to ‘Mode’ and select ‘RGB colour’

5. Colourful profile – Adobe RGB (1998)

Colour management for eagle eye professionals – if you want to generate a more superior and authentic colour reproduction, then you can use our ICC profiles as an alternative to this step. You’ll need to download and install the profiles into photoshop…it’s not super hard, and we’ve created this Soft Proofing Guide to walk you through it. If you opt for that approach, you can skip this step

Go to ‘Edit’ in the top menu, then click ‘Convert to Profile…’ Do not use ‘Assign profile’, as that approach causes a color shift and is not meant for what we’re trying to acheive

Under ‘Destination Space’, click the ‘Profile’ dropdown and select ‘Adobe RGB (1998)’

6. File type – JPG

Once you’ve completed all the steps above, save each artwork file as a high resolution JGP at maximum/100% quality